The Hottest Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

It’s 2017 and it seems like everyone is stepping away from the traditional. Nowadays wedding cakes can be as complicated or simple as you desire, themed or even substituted. It’s not necessary to stick to traditional and this years hottest trends are anything but. Whether you modern or classical, edgy or whimsical, there’s an amazing design to suit you, your partner and of course your budget.

Ombre Wedding Cakes

It’s only February but already we are seeing the ombre trend everywhere. From hair to nails, clothes and even lipstick, everyone and everything is going ombre. The subtle gradient tone changes lend themselves to so many different settings.

Bright and bold or subdued pastels, if you choose to go ombre you won’t be disappointed.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Don’t worry it’s not as risque as you might think and yes, you did read it right. Naked cakes are simply cakes without the icing. Instead fruit, berries, greenery and flowers are used as decorations giving the cakes a very fresh, earthy, bohemian look. The naked layers allow for the filings to show through giving it a decadent, absolutely enticing look without the need for heavy icing.

This trend is perfect for if you are having an outdoor wedding or even a backyard wedding.

Non-traditional Wedding Cakes

You have more choice and freedom of expression than ever before when it comes to choosing a cake. I’ve seen everything from cupcakes to cake pops to donuts used in place of a traditional wedding cake. This can be a fun way to cut costs while still offering your guests a fun and delicious treat.

Often arrays of goodies are teamed with a small wedding cake for the cutting ceremony and bridal party.

Geode Cakes

There’s no reason why your wedding cake can’t shine shine as brightly as that ring on your finger. Geode cakes are the rising trend for those wanting something really dramatic and show stopping. Carved veins of coloured, edible crystals create a hidden jewel effect. Paired with a simple coloured frosting, these cakes are simply stunning.


No matter what cake you and your partner choose, so long as it reflects you as a couple, you are guaranteed to love it. To get more ideas  be sure to check out our Cake Gallery or get in touch to discuss.

Let us know your favourite trend in the comments below. Seen something amazing you think we’ve missed? We love looking at new ideas, so please post a link below.