Boredom busting tricks for your dog

It’s inevitable no matter how much energy and time we put up in with our dog Pippa, she’s going to get bored at some point. Unfortunately she has a nasty habit of ignoring her chew toys and stealing herself some new ones…

Pip with her 'new' jandal

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Save your sanity with these tips for keeping your dog busy and get that much needed break.

King Kong

The Kong is a well loved toy by owners and dogs alike.  The chew-able, rubber toy not only bounces off in strange directions when thrown, but is hollow allowing it to be filled with tasty treats.

There are Kong recipes galore from honey and jam through to banana,  carrots and blueberries that can keep your dog and their tongue very happy.

Puzzle toys

You don’t have to spend heaps of money on some fancy fetch machine if you don’t want to. Many puzzle toys have been made to keep Pippa’s brain buzzing from things we found around the house. Here’s a couple to get you started:

  • Placing treats in a muffin tin and covering a the tops with tennis balls creates a great scent game.
  • Wrapping treats inside fabric strips and hiding in a rubber cage ball for a harder version.

For those of you who are handy with a hammer, try making a spin the bottle puzzle game for your dog.

Spin the bottle dog toy

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Your dog will have to figure out that to get a treat, they’ve gotta spin the bottle first. And of course, you get the amusement of watching them try…

Ice lick

Keep your dog entertained and hydrated by freezing a bunch of toys and treats in a cake pan filled with water and stock. Freeze solid and tip out onto a shady patch of grass and enjoy the peace.

Doggy Ice Lick

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Keep in mind, if it’s super hot outside, broth or stock may not be the best idea due to it’s salt content. For those who know her, it comes as no surprise that Pip’s favourite ice lick recipe involves peanut butter.

Switch up his toys

While we all have our favorites, alternating dog toys helps keep them interesting. Even better are new toys! Again this doesn’t mean you have to go or and buy Fido an expensive new toy each week. Try upcycling old shirts into chews ropes and balls or revive an old toy by spraying it with catnip tea.

Give your dog a bone

The age old wonder- the bone. In moderation bones can keep your dog occupied for quite a while, especially if still on the frozen side – doggy popsicle anyone? Ensure that you only give your dog bones which are safe to eat.

Have you got a tried and true method of entertaining your dog? Share your ideas below.